Welch® Vacuum Pumps and Systems

Applied Vacuum Technology

For over 100 years, Welch has been supplying vacuum pumps to fulfill your laboratory vacuum application needs. These years of experience have allowed Welch to develop an in-depth knowledge of selecting the correct vacuum pump solution for many laboratory applications.

Welch's innovative engineering provides industry-leading designs for belt-drive and direct-drive vacuum pumps, dry (oil-free/oil-less) PTFE diaphragm pumps and dry WOB-L® piston pumps. Welch also enables walk-away control for vacuum-induced evaporation with our Self-cleaning dry PTFE diaphragm pump systems.

For vacuum maintenance of commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems, Welch offers a complete line of refrigeration servicing pumps

Because of the famous Durability of Welch products, many of our pumps are still in service decades after purchase. If you need to repair or refurbish your Welch pump, see our Repair Service for fast restoration at a fair price. For do-it-yourself repairs, find your pump model number for original Welch component repair kits.

What's New

IMPORTANT NOTE - Welch 2015 Pricing

1/5/2015 - Welch 2015 List Prices are not displaying correctly for select items in our Web Store. As a result, some purchases on the Welch website will be manually updated to correct the transaction price to 2015 List. If pricing correction is needed, you will be contacted by Welch Customer Service.

For correct Welch 2015 pricing for all items, please see: Welch 2015 List Prices . We much appreciate your business and we apologize for the inconvenience.