DryFast Ultra Diaphragm Pump 2032

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  • Chemical Resistant
  • Oil-Free
  • Tuneable Vacuum

Suggested Applications

Welch DryFastTM PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps enable precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with exclusive Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Oil-Free, portable, chemical resistant, 2 head diaphragm design simplifies maintenance. Choose from seven dry PTFE vacuum pump models with flows up to 70 L / min and adjustable vacuum down to 2 Torr. Economical DryFastTM vacuum pumps are perfect for tough lab applications.

Product Family Specifications

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Model Number 2032 2042
Applications Rotary Evaporation/Distillation (lowvolatility solvents <160oC B.P., ~1 Liter), Vacuum ovens - small, pumping harsh vapors & gases Rotary Evaporation/Distillation (lowvolatility solvents <160oC B.P., ~ 2 Liter), Centrifugal Concentrators, Vacuum ovens (mid- size), pumping harsh vapors & gases
Type Laboratory Vacuum Pump Laboratory Vacuum Pump
Free Air Displacement cfm (l/min.) @60Hz 0.9(25) 1.2(35)
Free Air Displacement m3/hr (l/min.) @50Hz 1.25(21) 1.75(29)
Ultimate Pressure 2(2.7) 2(2.7)
Maximum Vacuum 29.85 29.85
Motor Horsepower (watts) 1/5(150) 1/5(150)
Adjustable Vac. / Gas Ballast Yes Yes
Tubing Needed 1/4(7) 1/4(7)
Intake Thread NPT M14(1/8) M14(1/8)
Overall Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 13.8x6.8x8.8 (35.2x7.2x22.3) 13.8x6.8x8.8 (35.2x7.2x22.3)
Ship Weight 25(11.3) 25(11.3)
Shipping Carton Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 21x14x15 (52x35x37) 21x14x15 (52x35x37)
Adjustable Vacuum Knob Knob
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