Freeze Dryer Pump System 8917 - Special

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  • Fast solvent sublimation
  • Durable, chemical resistant performance
  • Portable and powerful

Suggested Applications

Welch freeze dryer vacuum systems provide deep vacuum and excellent chemical resistance in demanding applications. Based on direct-drive rotary vane technology, the Welch freeze dryer system has an integrated oil purification module that continually neutralizes oil pH and removes particulates. This side-mounted purification module also extends pump oil volume to 1.3 liters for superior contaminent dilution and longer oil life. Achieves vacuum levels down to 1x10-4 torr (0.1 micron) with flow of 173 L/min. Use Welch Gold Oil for maximum resistance to chemical attack. Handles harsh chemicals such as TFA, acetonitrile, HBr.

Product Family Specifications

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Model Number 8917 - Special 8917 - Special
Applications Freeze Drying Freeze Drying
Type Laboratory Vacuum Pump Laboratory Vacuum Pump
Free Air Displacement cfm (l/min.) @60Hz 6.1(173) 6.1(173)
Free Air Displacement m3/hr (l/min.) @50Hz 8.6(144) 8.6(144)
Ultimate Pressure 1x10-4(0.00013) 1x10-4(0.00013)
Sound Level 50 50
Pump RPM 1725 1725
Oil Capacity 1.4(1.3) 1.4(1.3)
Motor Horsepower (watts) 1/2(370) 1/2(370)
Tubing Needed 7/16, 13/16 (11, 20) 7/16, 13/16 (11, 20)
Intake Thread NPT UNIBARB (1 1/8-20) UNIBARB (1 1/8-20)
Exhaust Thread NPT 20-Jan 20-Jan
Overall Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 18.6x11.5x9.6 (47.2x29.2x24.4) 18.6x11.5x9.6 (47.2x29.2x24.4)
Ship Weight 70(31.8) 70(31.8)
Shipping Carton Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 25x18.5x14 (63.5x47x35.6) 25x18.5x14 (63.5x47x35.6)
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