WOB-L System 2515

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  • High flow aspiration
  • Oil Free
  • Adjustable Vacuum

Convenient high-flow system collects waste into 1.2 Liter autoclaveable collection receiver. Includes vacuum measurement and regulation. Reservoir protected from overflow by float valve; inlet line hydrophobic filter further protects pump. Vacuum Pump is reliable WOB-L piston pump, perfect for aqueous vapors, buffer and mild bleach solutions - all wetted parts corrosion protected from moisture. Not for use with organic solvents / acids / bases.

Product Family Specifications

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Model Number 2511 2515
Applications Solution aspiration / collection; vacuum filtration. Solution aspiration / collection; vacuum filtration.
Type Laboratory Vacuum Pump Laboratory Vacuum Pump
Free Air Displacement cfm (l/min.) @60Hz 0.39(11) 1.2(34)
Free Air Displacement m3/hr (l/min.) @50Hz 0.55(9.2) 1.7(28)
Ultimate Pressure 219(292) 70(93)
Maximum Vacuum 21.3 27.2
Max Pressure PSIG (pascal) 33(3.3 x 105)  
Motor Horsepower (watts) 1/30(25) 1/8(93)
Tubing Needed 3/16(5) 3/16(5)
Intake Thread NPT 3/16 in. Hose 1/4
Overall Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 11.0x8.3x10.0 (28x21x25.5) 14.8x8.3x10.0 (37.5x21x25.5)
Ship Weight 11.0(5) 14.8(6.7)
Shipping Carton Dimensions LxWxH in. (cm) 15.3x12.3x12.7 (39x31x32) 21x12x15 (53x30x38)
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