About Us

Welch is the technology leader for laboratory and light industrial vacuum pumps, systems, and components. Our quality products are sold globally under the Welch name. Welch products are produced by Gardner Denver Thomas, Inc.

Welch® History

Welch has provided quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications for over a century. Today, Welch is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pump products for chemical and biological laboratories, high vacuum manufacturing, and air-conditioning/refrigeration.

The Welch product line includes oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, dry piston and diaphragm vacuum pumps, and specialized vacuum systems, components, and applications. ChemStar Dry, the oil-free deep vacuum system, is the latest technology innovation from Welch

About Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver is a global producer of compressors, vacuum pumps and related equipment.

The durability of our products is measured in decades. Superior designs ensure the most reliable, energy efficient products in the industry.

Gardner Denver provides low-pressure air and vacuum with a complete line of positive displacement and centrifugan blowers and exhausters, as well as rotary vane compressors.

Nash Elmo offers a wide range of products to meet our customers’ vacuum needs. These include:liquid ring vacuum pumps, gas compressors, dry vacuum pumps, side channel blowers, screw pumps, rotary vane pumps, regenerative blowers and steam jet ejectors. Uniquely designed engineered systems are also provided to meet specific needs in vent gas, digester gas, and condenser air removal applications.

The Syltone Transportation Group, a part of our Blower Division, provides specialty unloading equipment for virtually every sector of the bulk transportation market. Innovative products, made specifically to meet the challenges of the transportation market, coupled with outstanding engineering capabilities and customer service, make Syltone the choice for all your product transfer needs.

Our rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors are used in thousands of compressed air applications  worldwide.

One of the most respected names in the petroleum industry, Gardner Denver designs, manufactures, markets, and services a diverse group of pumps used in oil and natural gas drilling production, well servicing and stimulation.

Gardner Denver also offers water jetting pums, systems and accessories for industrial cleaning and maintenance.

The Gardner Denver Fluid Transfer Division includes Emco Wheaton the world’s largest and most successful manufacturer of Loading Arms and associated products, such as Swivel Joints, API Dry-Break Couplers, Floating Suction and Roof Skimmers for storage tanks, and rack to transport Grounding Devices.

Loading arms are custom-engineered articulated pipe work system that makes the connection between any bulk storage facility and a means of transport, such as tank trucks, railcars, marine barges or ocean going super tankers. Loading arms are used for the safe, efficient and environmentally superior means of product transfer for loading and unloading all types of transports in the Petroleum, Chemical, Compressed Gas and Food industries.

With a worldwide network of hundreds of distributors, Gardner Denver provides superior service to protect your your investments with us.

Learn More About Gardner Denver
To learn more about Gardner Denver, read our annual report.

Serving Customers in the Industrial Sector

Compressed air is a utility with nearly universal application. However, it cannot be purchased, it must be manufactured. Gardner Denver products can be found in nearly every industry imaginable. Our customer base is broad and includes thousands of national and international manufacturers, process industries, government entities and healthcare providers. While our products are linked to the overall health of the global economy, a downturn in any given segment or two is not likely to significantly impact our slaes momentum.

PET Bottle Blowing
The GD Belliss & Morcom® direct-drive reciprocating compressor provides reliable, oil free air at low cost, making it the standard compressor in the PET bottle blowing industry.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Champion® oil-less air compressors are ideally suited for use in laboratories, research facilities and specialized pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Dry and Chemical Bulk Transport
CycloBlower®, DuroFlow® and Witting® blowers are preferred by transport operations to deliver pressurized air to pneumatically off-load a wide range of bulk materials such as cement, chemicals, plastics, lime and flour.

General Plant Air
The eXact RPM® series of rotary screw air compressors combines the latest variable speed drive technology and key features industrial customers demand from a compressed air provider.

Locomotive Braking and Air Systems
Gardner Denver is a major supplier of reciprocating locomotive compressors for installation on locomotives to produce air for the braking system, horn and instrumentation.

Serving Customers in the Services Sector

Service providers require compressed air and pump solutions, designed specifically for their applications, that operate at low costs. Gardner Denver products incorporate features such as variable speed, lower noise and lighter weight to allow services to be provided more efficiently.

Medical and Dental
Advanced design features and oil less compressed air technology have made the PureAir oF® oil free compressor the proven choice for hospital, dental, laboratory and research facilities.

Carpet Cleaning
Sutorbilt® Positive displacement lobe vacuum pumps are the heart of commercial truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment, producing the suction required to efficiently extract dirt and liquids from floors and upholstery.

Automotive Service and Rental
Preferred by many national automotive service franchises, Champion® and Gardner Denver® reciprocating compressors produce the air used by pneumatic tools, vehicle lifts, fluid dispensing systems and tire mounting equipment.

Utility and Road Service Vehicles
The wide range of Gardner Denver® and Champion® reciprocating compressors, powered by gasoline and diesel engines, deliver the air required to operate equipment and service vehicles in remote locations.

Vacuum Excavation
Compressors offered by Gardner Denver supply air required by air lances, also known as air shovels, used to blast dirt away during the utility line verification and vacuum excavation operations.

Serving Customers in the Environmental Sector

Preservation of a clean environment continues to be a primary concern worldwide, and environmental awareness and mandates for cleaner processes are increasing. Gardner Denver designs and manufacturers numerous products used to clean and protect our environment.

Water and Wasterwater Treatment
Hoffman® multistage centrifugal blowers facilitate aerobic digestion, the process of supplying oxygen to support microorganisms that digest and remove unwanted contaminants from wastewater.

Surface Cleaning and Preparation
Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems offers a comprehensive line of high pressure water blaster packages, designed specifically for surface stripping and preparation on numerous applications from bridges and ships to airport runways.

Soil Remediation
Champion® reciprocating compressors produce the air that is injected into the ground to assist the clean-up of contaminated soil.

Dust and Vapor Recovery
The extensive range of Gardner Denver® engineered central vacuum systems are found in many applications requiring efficient collection of particulate, dust or vapor from numerous locations and processes throughout an industrial facility.

Municipal and Industrial Sewer Cleaning
Several types of sewer cleaning and mobile industrial vacuum vehicles incorporate vane and Sutorbilt® to load and off load debris holding tanks, reducing collection and disposal cycle time.

Landfill Gas
Methane gas, a by-product of solid waste landfills, is removed through a series of underground pipes in a vacuum produced by Gardner Denver® centrifugal blowers.

Serving Customers in the Energy Sector

Gardner Denver products help generate energy used in everyday life, by bringing oil and natural gas up from the earth, transferring it into pipelines and refining it for consumption. By providing high quality and reliable petroleum products for over 100 years, Gardner Denver has one of the most recognizable and respected names throughout the world.

Oil and Gas Drilling
The Gardner Denver® line of mud pumps sets the quality standard for continuous downhole cleaning, cooling and lubricating during the drilling process.

Well and Site Service
Gardner Denver offers a wide range of piston and plunger pumps used in oil and gas well servicing applications such as fracturing, cementing, and workover.

Gas Pressurization and Movement
Gardner Denver designs and manufactures complete compressor and blower solutions used in a variety of natural gas applications, including pressurizing gas lines and feeding gas-fired power generators.

Power Generation
The Electra Saver® rotary screw air compressor  provides the ideal solution for power plant applications requiring highly reliable and efficient production of compressed air

Hydrostatic Testing
Gardner Denver® high pressure water pumps are used to pressure test piping and other vessels where structural quality is critical and must be verified.

Petro-Chemical Transport
The compact and highly efficientWittig®oil free rotary vane blower pressurizes chemical transport tanks to unload liquids into storage tanks or process lines more quickly.